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Progressive Designs is a creative team that focuses on intense planning and meticulous project management. We offer services in graphic design, web design and copywriting. With dedicated professionals in graphic design, advertising, communication and sales we can work with international businesses to bolster their customer relationships and improve their business as a whole.

Our focus is on our customers and we have worked with companies across the globe in many different industries to provide support and custom graphic design, copywriting, advertising and more.

We have recourse to some of the most gifted freelancers in Mauritius and our skilled staff to provide competitive and professional creative services. We have worked to build a definitive team that is organized, communicative and dependable.

We know the value of a good webpage and how quality advertising through visual communication can result in a large increase in sales. We want to add value to your business regardless of the industry you are in and use our specialized talents to generate an improvement for your company.

If you would like to learn more about our services or get a quote on how we can help your business, contact us today.

Graphic design: Our graphic design services can help you to create marketing materials or build a powerful professional website. We can handle every aspect of the development and creation process while keeping closely in touch with each of our customers. We can turn your vision into a real product.

Advertising services: We have skilled marketers as well as freelancers across Mauritius Island capable of delivering improvements for your entire business. With our advertising you can increase sales and visitors to your website.

Copywriting: We can create convincing sales copy with the help of our talented writers. We work with some of the best copywriters in the industry to engage your audience in advertising, print and on webpages.


  • Graphic Design (90%)
  • Web Development (70%)
  • Copywriing (75%)

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